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Ziondia was founded by Nikhil Jain, a renowned SEO specialist and computer engineer who started his career in IM nearly 9 years ago. The company quickly progressed into a 25 person team. Each member of the team comes from a unique background in Internet marketing and web design.

We strive to make every client happy and through our superior customer service and top quality services, we always deliver.

By combining skillsets, Ziondia provides a broad range of services and has everything that you need to be successful online. Under one roof, your website can benefit from SEO, social media marketing, content writing, web design, development, and more. Ziondia is a full-time Internet marketing & design company that’s dedicated to the success of each and every customer.

Specializing in white hat link building, we have the secret recipe for success in the search engines. Our employees know and understand what Google is looking for and our link building team follows strict guidelines and expectations. Our customers almost always see a significant increase in their ROI when switching to Ziondia. It is our goal to make small businesses see the importance of establishing an online presence.

Ziondia hasn’t always been as successful as it is today. In fact, Ziondia was just an aspiration when Nikhil, the CEO had just started his web marketing journey and registered his company as a one man team back in 2004. Out of his basement with nothing more than a computer and a one month old website, the business was in its beginnings. The company was single handedly founded by Nikhil Jain, and Ziondia was officially established in 2007. Nikhil was a talented web designer and SEO specialist and was making a career for himself as an Internet marketer. By using affiliate marketing to get on his feet, Nikhil owned many successful websites and blogs. His sights were always set on the bigger picture though, and it was no surprise that Ziondia began to emerge within short time. Originally, the company was known as Submit Elite, which was the predecessor to what Ziondia is today. The business has since transitioned to Ziondia completely. Nikhil resides in Gurgaon, located in the national capital region of India. It is here where only the very best SEO, web design, and link building employees are handpicked to be a part of the talented team at Ziondia. Today, the employees behind Ziondia are highly diversified with their skillsets. As a company, we’re able to offer comprehensive services with complete confidence that the work can be followed through to perfection.

  • Dedicated Staff
  • Result Driven SEO Services
  • Quick Turnaround Times
  • Extensive Reports with Link Documentation
  • 25 Person SEO Team
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • White Hat Link Building
  • Quality-Checked Services
Why Choose Us?
We have been in the SEO and Internet marketing industry for over 9 years. Our team is highly skilled and we provide comprehensive services that will make your website successful. Climb to the top of the search engines with our SEO packages!
Our Strengths
We have a very diverse team and that means our clients get the very best with everything we provide. Our search marketers have extensive backgrounds in white hat SEO. When you need a search engine optimization service to provide results for your website, we are the company you can trust.
Our Mission
Our mission is to serve our clients as best we can, while providing extraordinary results for their websites. As professional search marketers, we know what it takes to drive a website to the top of the search engines. Customer satisfaction is our number one focus!
Our Achievements
Throughout our 9 years in the SEO industry, we’ve achieved very promising results for our own websites and the websites of our clients. Our sites rank #1 for competitive keyword phrases and we know how to maintain those results. Our achievements speak for the quality of our services.
How can you get to Us?
Getting in touch is easy! Simply proceed to our contact page at, or send us an email directly at, We’re also available over Skype! Just add “ziondia” to your contact list and we’ll get in touch right away.
Brand Building Marketing

Brand Building Marketing

Our SEO and Internet marketing services build your brand while establishing an online presence.

Prompt Support

Prompt Support

Our staff provides dedicated customer support. We’re available and respond quickly during business hours.

Reliable Reporting

Reliable Reporting

A good marketing business must be well documented. Our reports our comprehensive and detail every step of the process.

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Nikhil Jain

Nikhil Jain // CEO & Founder

Nikhil Jain is the CEO and Founder of Ziondia. Tracing back to 2004, Nikhil had high hopes to progress his Internet marketing and web design passion into a sustainable business. After launching a previously successful brand (Submit Elite) and becoming highly skilled with link building, the business became a reality. 25 employees later, Zondia was born and the previous brand was transitioned into the newly established company. Today, Nikhil has a team of web design & marketing specialists surrounding him, who have joined hands to make the business what it is today.


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