Use your viewing experience to convert your visitors

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Count to eight. That’s how long you have to make an impression on a potential client when they enter your website. It’s not just the look of your web page, but also the information that you have on them. As soon as they click on your website, you want to make sure that they know you can satisfy their needs.

We’re selfish

Why am I here? What do they do?

Why am I here? What do they do?

I know as well as anyone that when I click onto a website, I want to see what it can do for me. I don’t have the time to search for what you can do for me, I want to know up front. I want to know the cost, I want to know the quality and I want to know how it benefits me. This is what you must show your user.

As soon as your page shows up in their browser, you have a small window to tell them what you do, how you do it and at what price. Your potential clients don’t care for the special little feature that was specifically put together for your website at first, that doesn’t benefit them yet. Show them first, wow them later.

We’re here for a specific purpose

It happens all the time when you are using a search engine. You hit the search button and you find a link that looks like something you may want. As soon as you get to the page, you make the decision whether or not to stay there based on whether the website will ‘do what you want.’

When putting together you’re website, you have to remember to clear up your purpose in the first 6-8 seconds, because there will be other sites on the first page of the search engine results that may focus on accomplishing the same goal for the client. If you can’t click onto your page and decide that it is one that you wouldn’t use yourself, you have to look over your layout and make some changes.

We want to see effort

Seems like there has been more than ten minutes put in here!

Seems like there has been more than ten minutes put in here!

As in all things, the harder you work the better. If I open your website and see a white page with Times New Roman, then you probably won’t be getting my business, no matter how good your work is. If you cannot take pride in the work that you are showing everybody to get the clients, you probably won’t be getting any clients.

If I see you working hard on your website and I am impressed by the look of it, as well as captured by the information, then I will be more inclined to work with you. If you are not willing to show off your best work, then you’re probably not going to be willing to put all your effort into the work I am paying you for.

Keep us on your website

Okay, so this one might seem obvious, but bare with me. Stated your purpose? Yes. Given me a reason to find more? Check. That’s kept me here for four seconds. Then where? Do I click more links? Do I go straight to the order form? No I want more information. I want to read something about what you do.

This is where the journalistic form comes in. I call it that because you see it all the time when you are reading a newspaper. You have the main idea in the very first line to catch the reader’s attention, and then you give all the facts and information because you have already caught your potential client’s attention. If they like what they see, we may not be calling them potential clients anymore.

Minimise the clutter, maximise the potential

What is done and a brief description! All that is needed!

What is done and a brief description! All that is needed!

One of the most popular ideas right now is the minimalistic styled design. This is done to maximise the potential of your content. You minimise the clutter to make the content become the feature of your website. Nobody wants to scroll past a full screen image slider if it provides no important information.

Another area which owners usually make a mistake is designing a functional navigation. In the past, it was completely acceptable for someone to have to click 4-5 links before they got the page they wanted to do. That’s not how you want your website to work these days. You must be able to get to each specific page that a client may want in either 1 or 2 clicks, otherwise there is always the chance that your user might just give up unless you are offering something that nobody else is able to.


You have to make an impression on a person in a short time when your website is opened. They want to know what you do. They want it to be easy to see and to see that you actually put some thought and effort into what you put online for everyone to see.

Each entry onto your site is a potential client, so your front page must be easy to look at as well as have all the necessary information to make a potential client into a client. It’s a delicate mix to handle, but when done right, it allows you to beat the other 9 front-page web sites that are also looking for your new client’s business. Remember, you only have one chance at a first impression.

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