The long story short

Ebooks are an excellent way to share insights with your customers and build your credibility. While you can’t tell people very much in an ad, by releasing an ebook you can really delve into a topic that helps them and paints a picture of you as the expert who can help them with their problems.

But will they read it?

They might read your ebook, but they certainly won’t if it doesn’t reach them. That’s where we at Ziondia come in. We’ll put your ebook in the best sites for your niche of reader, so they’ll be sure to find you and respect what you have to say. From there, your client base is sure to swell.

Good For

  • Establishing You As An Expert
  • Reaching Clients Who Don’t Know What They Need
  • Distributing Your Ebook To A Wider Audience Than Visitors To Your Website
  • Educating Potential Clients About What You Do
  • Delving Deeply Into An Industry-Related Topic
  • Getting Your Work Of Fiction Published For A Lower Cost Than A Publishing House
  • Bringing Inquiries To You

Key Features

  • Leading searchers to you organically
  • Associating your site with other superior sites
  • Gaining you the edge in your industry
  • Building your brand as highly competent
  • Connecting your articles to gain credibility
  • Giving you high relevance by association
  • Generating respect for your web presence

Our Process

  • STEP 1: Identify your book’s target niche
    1. Your most literate customers.
    2. Often a unique set who appreciates deeper understandings
  • STEP 2: Identify the best price point for your ebook
    1. Could be a valuable free resource
      • Free resources often are the gateways to paid content
      • Free stuff attracts people who hate to buy or are initially hesitant
    2. Could be an additional revenue stream
      • Some ebooks are valuable enough to charge for
      • Many good customers will pay for your ebook
      • Paying for your ebook often “opens” a future client to buying more from you
  • STEP 3: Find the best sites for your ebook
    1. Frequented by your target niche
    2. Systemically viable
      • Established systems for download and payment
      • Well managed on the back end
    3. Featuring high quality ebooks on many subjects
      • People love one-stop ebook collecting
      • Your ebooks will look better when surrounded by other great ebooks
  • STEP 4: Submit to sites along with dropping a link back to your website or your ebook sales page.
    1. This works as a backlink
    2. This also works for making additional sales through linking to your site
    3. If they enjoy your ebook, they’ll most likely want to read more from you

Ebook Promotion Package

eBook Submissions
Promoting your ebook with Submissions in 25 Top eBook Distribution Sites