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Off Site SEO Packages

Off-site SEO Dominance

Our off-site services ensure you get maximum backlinks and PR juice from the most reputable sources. Here’s what you get from our packages:

  • Hundreds of directory submissions
  • Video creation and submission
  • Article and guest blog post submission
  • Expert SEO analysis
  • Content creation analysis and suggestions
Suitable for Businesses of All Sizes

Suitable for Businesses of All Sizes

Our packages cater to small companies as well as large enterprises; offering ideal solutions to startups as well as established businesses alike.

Customized Solutions for Bespoke Services

Customized Solutions for Bespoke Services

We proudly offer specialized solutions that cater to all the needs of our customers. We understand that each business is unique and strive to offer equally unique solutions.

Friendly, personal services you can depend on

Friendly, personal services you can depend on

Even though we cater to many enterprises, here at Ziondia we always offer friendly and personalized services to all our customers, regardless of size.

100% SEO-Friendly

100% SEO-Friendly

Our links stand far above any auto-generated links. We ensure maximum appeal to visitors and search engines alike.

Guaranteed Manual SEO

Guaranteed Manual SEO

All our work is done manually to ensure excellence on all levels, you can relax and leave the legwork of building your SEO to us.

The Ziondia Guarantee

The Ziondia Guarantee

All our packages come with a complete satisfaction or your money back guarantee and we will gladly refund all your money in case our services fail to deliver.

  • Perfect for small businesses
  • Ideal for startups
  • Basic Off-Page Optimization
  • 250+ Directory Submissions
  • 10+ Forum Links
  • 10+ High PR / Low OBL Blog Comments
  • 1 Video Creation (60-120 seconds) and submission to top 20 video sharing sites PLUS YouTube marketing
  • 2 unique articles written and submitted to top 50 article directories
  • Google Analytics and GWT / Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Robots.txt Analysis and Configuration
  • Xml Sitemap Creation and Submission
  • Basic Brand Analysis
  • Basic SEO Analysis (including keyword research, website analysis and content creation suggestions)
  • Authorship Setup and Network Analysis
  • Maximum Accountability, Control, Reporting and Monitoring
  • 45 Minutes Strategy Consultation
  • 1 PR Writing and Submission
  • 5 Guest Posts on Highly Targeted Blogs
  • Detailed Comparison
  • Complete SEO domination for your given keywords
  • Efficient even in the most competitive niches
  • Ideal for any business that wants to be on top of their market
  • Advanced Off-Page Optimization
  • 1000+ Directory Submissions
  • 50+ Forum Links
  • 50+ High PR / Low OBL Blog Comments
  • 2 Video Creation (60-120 seconds) and submission to top 20 video sharing sites PLUS YouTube marketing
  • 6 unique articles written and submitted to top 50 article directories
  • Google Analytics and GWT / Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Robots.txt Analysis and Configuration
  • Xml Sitemap Creation and Submission
  • Advanced Brand Analysis
  • Advanced SEO Analysis (including keyword research, website analysis, content creation suggestions, malware scan, black hat check and competitor analysis)
  • Authorship Setup and Network Analysis
  • Maximum Accountability, Control, Reporting and Monitoring
  • 180 Minutes Strategy Consultation
  • Advanced Competitor Analysis
  • DMOZ Listing via our expert team with maximum approval chances
  • Business Citations and Video Uploads
  • 2 PR Writing and Submission
  • 16 Guest Posts on Highly Targeted Blogs
  • Detailed Comparison

None of the above plan suits your requirements?

We can tailor customized solutions to your website’s SEO needs; Contact us today to find out how your site can be improved.

Proper backlinking – Better SERPs

It’s not a secret that your website gets ranked higher in search engine results page due to effective backlinking campaigns. Ziondia SEO Company constantly adjusts to from time to time released Google updates, which means you can be rest assured that ALL our SEO packages are effective and safe against Panda/Penguin updates.

All our backlinking campaigns are rolled out steadily, so that it looks natural to search engines. Because of some of the latest search engine updates, it is not really suggested to rush things and build huge numbers of links in short period of time. This unnatural behavior can raise flags and your site’s promotional techniques may be considered spam. If you require fast turnaround times, then you can request us to speed the process up, even though we suggest you to not rush the process and let everything look natural. Though we make sure to follow all precautions in order to make all our SEO packages effective and penalty proof!

Different Backlink Packages for Every Business Size

Our SEO packages are designed to get your business the best return on your investment. At Ziondia we understand that each business is different and when promoted in search engines should be treated differently. This is why we created multiple SEO packages that should directly match our client requirements. If you are not sure what kind of package is more suitable for you, do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team and they will assist you with your choice.

All backlinks we make are created manually by a team of highly professional team of SEO specialists who have dozens of years’ experience with Search Engine Optimization behind their backs. We also make sure to include in our back-linking campaigns as much social signals as we possibly can. Social signals is the latest craze in SEO industry, since they were always proven to work and some people speculate that search engines will be implementing more and more social signal algorithms.


What are Ziondia’s accountability options?
All our packages offer our clients full control and monitoring over our SEO operations. We proudly offer monthly reports including general monitoring, detailed SEO reports, rank tracking reports and more. You will be assigned a personal project manager who will invest time to work on your SEO strategy and offer you strategy consultation on how to maximize your coverage and visibility.

Our support team replies to all emails within 24 hours and we strive for excellence and maximum accountability.

Is all your SEO manual?
All our operations are done manually and not with automated software programs. This includes link building, article submissions, social media promotions, guest blogging, sitemap creation, yellow-pages submission and virtually every other aspect that makes our SEO so successful.

Our manual SEO guarantee, safeguards the quality of our services and you can rest assured you are investing in long-term benefits for your company through our premium SEO services.

How do you prepare my site for SEO?
Before SEO can be effective, we setup your website and put all vital pre-requisite systems in place for you. These systems include various setups including webmaster tools setup, Google Analytics setup, HTML & XML sitemap creation/submission and other configurations. These systems will stay in place after the SEO has been conducted and your business will benefit continuously from them.
How do you conduct SEO analysis?
Part of our services includes in-depth analysis of all aspects of your website. Our SEO analysis efforts will identify the best possible keywords to target and then go more in-depth to evaluate user friendliness and suggest improvements and type of content that will maximize traffic and exposure.
How do you conduct brand analysis?
Optimization does not end with SEO. We help you maximize your brand recognition and online exposure through our brand analysis methods. We do comprehensive website analysis, heat mapping and A/B split testing on your behalf, identifying the best possible ad locations and pinpoint the traffic flow to ensure your brand becomes more prominent and visible. This helps your business generate more sales and experience substantially better conversion rates, both in short and long-term timeframes.
How does your off-page optimization work?
We offer maximum exposure and SEO dominance through professional link building and cutting edge SEO services.

We offer you several guest posts in high-profile, highly targeted blogs that maximise your presence and we construct a number of Web 2.0 properties with unique content for you. We also create professional videos (60-120 seconds) and submit them to the top 20 video sharing sites.

Our off-site optimization is further improved by submitting press releases, search engine submissions, and additional efforts that build brand recognition and make your online business more popular and prominent. In addition to the above, we offer you DMOZ submission and several forum links to make your website become an authority in its niche.

How do you conduct social media marketing?
Optimization does not end with SEO. Our professional team creates social media pages on all major social media platforms including Digg, Reddit, Delicious StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest, as well as we help you maximize your brand recognition and online exposure through our brand analysis methods. We further customize your social media business pages so they stand out and meet all standards of professionalism to make your business able to attract more traffic from highly targeted social media sources. We conduct social media marketing that increases your votes, likes and retweets, ensuring maximum traffic benefits. Additionally, we perform regular maintenance and updates on all your social media pages, ensuring they are up-to-date and keep you on top of your game.
Ziondia Guarantees
In addition to pledging to do every SEO task manually, Ziondia also guarantees absolutely SEO-friendly links that stand head and shoulders from most auto-generated “junk” links. Finally, here at Ziondia we are glad to extend a complete satisfaction or your money back guarantee for all our SEO services to establish mutual trust and put our words into action.


See what our satisfied customers have to say about our off-site seo packages:

Getting your site known to tons of outlets is hard but you helped me do it easily with your amazing directory submissions and linkbuilding prominence. I am very satisfied with your off-site services and I wonder how you managed to do some of these things! Our traffic increased and we’ve got some of the best backlinks EVER! I am confident my site is doing that much better thanks to your linkbuilding and support, thank you, I am grateful for your excellent services.


- Theo R

I used Ziondia’s SEO services for one site of mine. Even though the work is still in progress, I’m already starting to see great results. Here are some of my SERPs that got increased:


- Jake

Thanks you for helping our site rank from second page of Google to #1st spot for an extremely competitive keyword (more than 30 million exact matches for our main keyword)! Our traffic and revenue quadrupled overnight thanks to you guys!


- Steve

I just wanted to stop by and say how great my experience with Ziondia so far has been. I used their “Intermediate” package for my local business’s site and site went ranking from 3rd page to #2 for my keywords!

- Dustin

Just received my monthly report yesterday and I must say I am very impressed with the results so far. My keywords continue to climb slowly every day.

My keyword #1 went from 57 to 9 spot

Keyword #2 went from 35 to 6

Keyword #3 went from 27 to 3

Hopefully you guys will not become too busy with orders once the word spreads out. I’ll be definitely ordering more for other sites of mine.

- Karl F

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