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On Site SEO Packages

On-Site Optimization at Enterprise Level

Our on-site services ensure your website is optimized to be as appealing as possible to your visitors and all search engines. Here’s what you get with ANY of our packages:

  • Comprehensive on-page optimization
  • Content, website analysis & optimization
  • Enterprise-level strategy consultation
  • Analytics and webmaster tools setup
  • XML sitemap creation and submission
Suitable for Businesses of All Sizes

Suitable for Businesses of All Sizes

Our packages cater to small companies as well as large enterprises; offering ideal solutions to startups as well as established businesses alike.

Customized Solutions for Bespoke Services

Customized Solutions for Bespoke Services

We proudly offer specialized solutions that cater to all the needs of our customers. We understand that each business is unique and strive to offer equally unique solutions.

Friendly, personal services you can depend on

Friendly, personal services you can depend on

Even though we cater to many enterprises, here at Ziondia we always offer friendly and personalized services to all our customers, regardless of size.

Substantial Website Improvements across the board

Substantial Website Improvements across the board

We know how to make your website appealing and powerfully converting through our comprehensive on-site improvements.

The perfect content for any website

The perfect content for any website

We know what your site needs and we will gladly point you at the perfect content that has the power to transform your website.

The Ziondia Guarantee

The Ziondia Guarantee

All our packages come with a complete satisfaction or your money back guarantee and we will gladly refund all your money in case our services fail to deliver.

  • Perfect for small businesses
  • Ideal for startups
  • 5 Optimized Pages
  • Basic On-Page Optimization
  • Tag Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Content Analysis and Optimization
  • Google Analytics and GWT / Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Robots.txt Analysis and Configuration
  • Xml Sitemap Creation and Submission
  • Basic Brand Analysis
  • Basic SEO Analysis (including keyword research, website analysis and UX testing)
  • Maximum Accountability, Control, Reporting and Monitoring
  • 30 Minutes Strategy Consultation
  • Detailed Comparison
  • Complete SEO domination for your given keywords
  • Efficient even in the most competitive niches
  • Ideal for any business that wants to be on top of their market
  • 20 Optimized Pages
  • Advanced On-Page Optimization
  • Tag Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Content Analysis and Optimization
  • Broken Links/Images Testing and Analysis of Potential Canonical Issues
  • Keyword Density Check
  • Cross Browser Testing and Page Speed Optimization
  • Html Schema Implementation
  • Google Analytics and GWT / Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Robots.txt Analysis and Configuration
  • Xml Sitemap Creation and Submission
  • Advanced Brand Analysis
  • Advanced SEO Analysis (including keyword research, website analysis, UX testing, content creation suggestions, malware scan and black hat check)
  • Authorship Setup and Network Analysis
  • Maximum Accountability, Control, Reporting and Monitoring
  • 120 Minutes Strategy Consultation
  • Detailed Comparison

None of the above plan suits your requirements?

We can tailor customized solutions to your website’s SEO needs; Contact us today to find out how your site can be improved.

No site is perfect — but yours can get pretty close

The holy grail for every website owner is to have a site that draws search engines like flowers draw butterflies. Unfortunately, there’s a lot to this whole SEO thing a lot of business owners don’t consider. Proper on-site optimization process is one of those things that can easily increase your traffic and rankings. Since SEO is what we do at Ziondia, you might want to consider our On-site SEO services, linked for your convenience. However, if you’d prefer to do the work yourself and get more of a personal understanding, that’s cool. Let’s briefly explain.

Duplicate content and meta tag problems – 2 common SEO mistakes

Two biggest on-site flaws that can greatly decrease your chances for good rankings are duplicate content and meta tag issues. You have to make sure to scan every page of your website for duplicate content and analyze your site’s structure. Even thoughtag isn’t as important nowadays as it used to be a couple of years ago, there are “title” and “description” tags that shouldn’t be overlooked. Make sure they are relevant to your page’s content and don’t stuff your keywords in there too much.

These two mistakes are only two from many other ones. Sounds like it’s a lot of hassle? Well, it is! But our team of professional SEO specialists is capable of working on a project of any scale. Request a free consultation and let the professionals do the job for you while you sit and enjoy watching your business grow!

SEO isn’t just keywords

A lot of people think that SEO is all about keywords, but they forget Google’s innovation called LSI. For non-nerdy people, LSI just means that other words on your site should keep the context of the keywords consistent. For example, if you were talking about cars, it would make sense to have listings involving de Loreans and Fords. Even if people aren’t searching for these words in particular, the search engines will pick up on your consistency. That’s just one thing a lot of people don’t realize — but we do. We can tell you a lot, whether you want more direct suggestions for your site or more of a “how to”.


What are Ziondia’s accountability options?
All our packages offer our clients full control and monitoring over our SEO operations. We proudly offer monthly reports including general monitoring, detailed SEO reports, rank tracking reports and more. You will be assigned a personal project manager who will invest time to work on your SEO strategy and offer you strategy consultation on how to maximize your coverage and visibility.

Our support team replies to all emails within 24 hours and we strive for excellence and maximum accountability.

How do you prepare my site for SEO?
Before SEO can be effective, we setup your website and put all vital pre-requisite systems in place for you. These systems include various setups including webmaster tools setup, Google Analytics setup, HTML & XML sitemap creation/submission and other configurations. These systems will stay in place after the SEO has been conducted and your business will benefit continuously from them.
How do you conduct SEO analysis?
Part of our services includes in-depth analysis of all aspects of your website. Our SEO analysis efforts will identify the best possible keywords to target and then go more in-depth to evaluate user friendliness and suggest improvements and type of content that will maximize traffic and exposure.
How do you conduct brand analysis?
Optimization does not end with SEO. We help you maximize your brand recognition and online exposure through our brand analysis methods. We do comprehensive website analysis, heat mapping and A/B split testing on your behalf, identifying the best possible ad locations and pinpoint the traffic flow to ensure your brand becomes more prominent and visible. This helps your business generate more sales and experience substantially better conversion rates, both in short and long-term timeframes.
How does your on-page optimization work?
On-page optimization is where most of the magic happens. On top of fine-tuning your keywords and online visibility, our on-page efforts include optimizing tags, URLs, outbound links, site structure, page loading speed and more parameters to ensure your website is as attractive to the search engine crawlers as humanly possible. The advanced local SEO package includes sophisticated redirection systems, cross-browser testing and keyword density checks to ensure maximum SEO efficiency.
Ziondia Guarantees
In addition to pledging to do every SEO task manually, Ziondia also guarantees absolutely SEO-friendly links that stand head and shoulders from most auto-generated “junk” links. Finally, here at Ziondia we are glad to extend a complete satisfaction or your money back guarantee for all our SEO services to establish mutual trust and put our words into action.


See what our satisfied customers have to say about our on-site seo packages:

I would like to personally thank Ziondia team for helping fix our on-site problems. It’s a local business site, so we went with “Intermediate” package. Apparently our site had some duplicate content and meta tag issues we didn’t even know about. That and a couple of other things helped us increase our rankings and double our traffic!

Thank you,

- Jeff

Thanks for helping fix some of the errors on our site that prevented some of our site’s pages from being indexed. Our business grows steadily and we’re already planning on trying some of your off-site packages!


- Kate

Ziondia are true professionals when it comes to SEO and I didn’t hesitate for a second about them All reports have been received on time and they were always reachable when I had any questions. They optimized our site and it improved our rankings for a couple of spots in a very competitive niche!

- Nathan

Thanks a BILLION for the amazing help and SEO boost. I am sending you this email as a token of appreciation for your on-site services. I am very glad we’ve worked together and I will definitely work more with you in the future. Thanks again!

- Mary M

One again you exceeded our expectations for delivering on-site boost for our online businesses. We are deeply grateful for your help in improving our visibility and for your one-on-one consultancy. Your staff was professional and your approach unmatched. Keep up the good work.

- Anthony G

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