This is web 2.0

Blogs are everywhere these days, and they’re about a lot more than just a person or company spouting off into the Internet. While there was a time when someone could just speak their peace without any opposition, nowadays people can and do comment. Some comments are negative, some are positive, and a select few are both creative and thoughtful, adding a lot of value. The nature of Web 2.0 is to share, which includes sharing links to great sites.

We’ll share you with the world

Ziondia has a team of high caliber writers who produce incredible comments. With our awesome comments on other people’s blogs, we’ll subtly share you with the world. Using your site as our own, we will link to your site by proclaiming that it’s our own and allowing people to visit “us,” giving you the credibility we gain through making great comments. We get links through placing them within our name, which builds your ranking. This is even more the case when we link to you from a .gov or .edu website, as they tend to carry more authority and credibility than other sites.

 Good For

  • Leading searchers to you organically
  • Associating your site with other superior sites
  • Gaining you the edge in your industry
  • Building your brand as highly competent
  • Growing An Atmosphere Of Participation On Blogs
  • Making You Look More Credible To Potential Clients
  • Expanding Your Customer Base Through Attracting New Niches Of Customers

Key Features

  • Using Only High Page Rank Blogs
  • Potential To Garner Guest Blogging Opportunities Through Comment Popularity
  • Screenshot Proof Of Comments
  • Linking And Commenting Through Blogs Compatible With Your Niche
  • Link To Specific URLs Of Your Choice, Including Deep Linking
  • We Establish Custom Profiles For Commenting, Can Base Profiles Off Of Your Target Customer’s Demographics

Our Process

  • STEP 1: Identify who responds to comments about your industry
    1. May be your primary niche.
    2. May be a subgroup from your primary niche
    3. May even be different but compatible niches
    4. Can be multiple niches on different sites
  • STEP 2: Establish a lively, credible presence on other blogs
    1. Comment on blog posts
    2. to pages within your site as though they were our site, using your page as “Our website”
    3. Provide other valuable info to the comment community
    4. Maintain a harmonious relationship with other commenters
    5. Ensure that the blogs allow links to one’s website
  • STEP 3: Comment
    1. Link to your web properties by pretending they’re our website
    2. to the perception of your expertise/value when bringing you up makes sense

Blog Commenting Packages

Niche Blog Commenting
50 Highly Relevant & Engaging Blog Comments in Blogs related to your niche
Niche Blog Commenting
100 Highly Relevant & Engaging Blog Comments in Blogs related to your niche
Niche Blog Commenting
200 Highly Relevant & Engaging Blog Comments in Blogs related to your niche