Exclusive blog and rss submission – find your voice

Your blog is your voice on the Internet. Your blog expresses not only what you do, but what you are as a business. When your blog is obscure and no one reads it, it’s barely worth having. This is why submitting your blog and promoting it through as many channels as possible is critical to getting you on the radar of professional associations that can award you accolades and customers who want what you offer.

Make your voice heard

Ziondia offers blog submission and promotion services because we recognize how vital a great blog is. We also know that an unread blog is a useless blog, so you need to get noticed. We can handle that through submitting your RSS feed to a variety of different blog directories.

 Good For

  • Getting Your Blog Seen As A Respected Resource
  • Having Your Blog Turn Traffic Truly Engaged Visitors
  • Turning Your Content Viral Through Links And Likes
  • Providing You With More Customers To Serve
  • Getting People To Your Blog
  • Building Your Brand Into Something Special
  • Helping You Become Dominant In Your Industry
  • Helping You Get People Subscribed To Your RSS Feed

Key Features

  • Submitting Your Blog To The Best Directories
  • Screenshots To Prove The Submission
  • Verifying Your Blog’s Acceptance And Placement
  • Checking In And Monitoring Your Blog’s Ongoing Listing Success
  • Manual Submission
  • Excel Reports
  • Ensuring Your Blog Fits The Directory’s Standards And Format

Our Blog Submission Process

  • STEP 1: Studying your blog
    1. Identify to your niche and who you’re speaking to. Different styles reach different people.
    2. Identify what topics your blog falls under.
  • STEP 2: Match your blog with directories
    1. Determine which directories are trafficked by your target customers
    2. Find the requirements for those directories
  • STEP 3: Submit
    1. Ensure your blog fits every guideline. Small technicalities won’t keep you out, but we’ll strive to make sure your blog is in prime shape.
    2. Make certain the submission goes properly. We’ll save you the time and hassle of getting all the details just right, so you can focus on writing your blog.

Blog & RSS Feed Submission Packages

RSS Feed Submission
High Quality 75 RSS Feed Submission
Blog Directory Submission
High Quality 100 Blog Directory Submission
Blog Directory + RSS Feed Submission
High Quality 100 Blog Directory + 75 RSS Feed Submission