Your offering is everywhere with coupons

Customers are constantly searching for the best deals on everything they want. Usually, a person’s thought process goes something like:

  1. “I really want this!”
  2. “I really want this!”

Once they start searching, people find all kinds of offers online. Everything is up for grabs, from deep discounts to free shipping, all the way to discounts that only work for a few hours or during a particular season. Coupon offerings stand at the very top of the search engines because of their immediacy and importance to consumers, so when you offer coupons through the major discount sites, you’ll get noticed in a big way.

Get instant search engine ranking

While there’s only so much link juice in the discount sites, your offers will show up front and center when someone looks for the best prices. This will help your site move into a more prominent position with a relatively small amount of information and time spent on your part. With only a few coupons offering a few great deals, you’ll receive an excellent return on your investment in the form of being far more visible in all kinds of searches.

Good For

  • Leading searchers to you organically
  • Associating your site with other superior sites
  • Gaining you the edge in your industry
  • Building your brand as highly competent
  • Offer Discounts, Special Offers And Free Shipping To Become More Competitive
  • Becoming The Type Of Site Your Customers Proactively Search For
  • Adding To Your Price Point Through Allowing You To Adjust Your “Regular” And “Deal” Prices

Key Features

  • Custom Profiles For The Top Coupon Sites
  • We Distribute The Information About Your Coupon Codes To All The Coupon Websites
  • Displaying Your Coupon Codes And Other Offers Immediately
  • Connecting your articles to gain credibility
  • Giving you high relevance by association
  • Generating respect for your web presence

Our Process

  • STEP 1: Find the value of your coupon codes
    1. In what way it benefits your target niche
    2. How much it benefits them
    3. The context where it would best benefit them
  • STEP 2: Find places to distribute your coupon codes
    1. Sites your target niche regularly visits
    2. Where they go for coupon codes
    3. Sites they respect
    4. Additional, lesser-known coupon and discount sites
  • STEP 3: Make redemption easy/cover the bases
    1. Include easy links for coupon remittance
    2. Specify terms/limits
    3. Include information about the coupon codes and what they give your customers

Coupon Distribution Package

Distribution in 50 Coupon Sites
Distribution of your Coupon in Top 50 Coupon Sites
Distribution in 100 Coupon Sites
Distribution of your Coupon in Top 100 Coupon Sites