Make your events turn heads

Your events deserve a lot more than a plain old banner ad, and submitting your event’s info is a great step in the right direction. For a major event online or off, a lot of times it comes down to either going big or going home. If you aren’t submitting to the top event distribution websites, you might as well not even bother — that’s the bare minimum.

It can go as far as you want

With Ziondia, we offer traditional online solutions aplenty, including submitting your site to event distribution websites and keeping you abreast of everything. But we also take a bunch of steps further if you’re interested. Not everyone can afford the Deluxe package, but we offer it knowing that it will benefit the companies and individuals who want their events to tower over the competition.

Good For

  • Getting Your Event Or Product Launch Noticed By Search Engines
  • Attracting A Diverse Mix Of Attendees And Potentially Sponsors To Your Events
  • Giving Your Event More Exposure, Making It A High Profile “Place To Be”
  • Turning Your Event Or Product Into A Documented Part Of The Culture
  • Potentially Generating Additional Revenue For Your Event

Key Features

  • Clarifying The Information So It’s Easier To Advertise
  • Using The Most Trafficked Event Distribution Sites
  • Customizing The Event Promotion Copy For Different Channels And Different Niches
  • Keeping Your Email Lists Up To Date On Event News
  • Customized Additional Solutions And Extended Promotional Services Available
  • Regular Updates To You On Your Event’s Promotional Progress

Our Process

  • STEP 1: Get the details clear
    1. When-where-what-why?
    2. Intended group and niche to invite
  • STEP 2: Find places to promote it
    1. Respected sources for event info
    2. Sites frequented by your intended niche
  • STEP 3: Keep everyone up to date on your event
    1. Regularly update you on your event promotion’s progress and metrics
    2. Keep up to 3 of your email lists up to date on the event’s progress leading up to it
  • STEP 4: Promote it
    1. Submit it to event distribution websites
    2. Numerous additional services available for custom pricing
      • Billboards
      • Print media
      • TV/radio
      • Tweets

Event Distribution Package

Event Distribution in 25 Sites
Event Promotion in Top 25 Event Distribution Sites