Press releases draw visitors… If they’re submitted properly

A great press release is like a great novel. It’s a virtual work of art that fascinates and moves powerful people. However, just like any great work of written art, a press release that isn’t seen isn’t effective. This is why getting your press releases into the right hands is of the utmost importance.

Not all hands will do

At Ziondia, we realize that your press release is worthy of the best sources. You need to go beyond the “everyday” channels everybody uses by default if you want to give your news the best possible chance of being picked up and given life as the major news story you know it is.

Good For

  • Leading searchers to you organically
  • Associating your site with other superior sites
  • Gaining you the edge in your industry
  • Building your brand as highly competent
  • Connecting your articles to gain credibility
  • Giving you high relevance by association
  • Generating respect for your web presence

Key Features

  • We Write Your Press Release For You
  • We Find The Best Places To Offer Up Your Press Release
  • Press Release Formatting According To Formal Guidelines
  • Exclusive Company Accounts In Press Release Directories
  • Distribution Includes Both News Portals And Journalists
  • We Take The Time To Understand What You’re Doing That’s Really Newsworthy
  • Our Grammar, Spelling, Sentence Structure And Press Release Format Is Guaranteed
  • Anchor Texts From The Keywords And Phrases Of Your Choice
  • Every Submission Is Totally Manual, Ensuring Accuracy
  • Google Indexing Takes Only 3 Hours, Putting Your News Out There NOW

Our Process

  • STEP 1: Write your press release
    1. Identify what about your company is newsworthy.
    2. Proofread and double-check all facts and aspects of presentation.
  • STEP 2: Determine where to send your press releases
    1. News sources your niche reads fervently.
    2. Reputable and trustworthy sources.
    3. Well connected organizations, to increase the likelihood of your story being picked up by multiple organizations.
    4. Real journalists, news bookmarking websites and social media including Google News.
  • STEP 3: Make absolutely certain your press release is premium quality
    1. Answering the questions of Who, What, Where, When and Why clearly and simply.
    2. Making your press release easy to understand, so a journalist will be more likely to pick it up.
    3. Determining whether it’s really news, and phrasing it to be as newsworthy as humanly possible.
  • STEP 4: Submit
    1. Comply with site standards.
    2. Follow up w/answers to questions.
    3. Make changes for better acceptance rate.

Press Release Distibution Package

PR Distribution, Writing & Promotion
PR Writing by Experts + Distribution in 90 Top PR Directories + Extra exposure through News Bookmarking