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Facebook Marketing

Millions of People Spend Money Through Facebook

Is your business profiting from Facebook as much as it could? We can get your social media marketing to the next level. Here is what you get with our Facebook marketing packages:

  • Constant updates
  • Numerous weekly posts and shares
  • Visitor engagement
  • Contests, surveys quizzes and more
  • Vast SEO benefits

Facebook Marketing (likes/engagement)

Multibillion corporations and local businesses alike, race to take advantage of Facebook’s vast marketing potential.

Facebook boasts more than a billion registered members and any modern business must tap into that potential if they want to stay afloat.

Facebook marketing and all promotional efforts through Facebook’s powerful social networking platform can yield numerous business gains for your company.

Facebook Brand Promotion and Marketing

Here at Ziondia, we offer a complete range of Facebook marketing solutions and services, suitable for every business, regardless of size or scope of marketing plans. You can choose the most suitable among our Facebook marketing packages depending on your needs, or contact us directly for a tailor-made Facebook marketing solution to fit around your company’s unique requirements.

We can help you plan your content strategy and online marketing approach to maximise your Facebook marketing impact. Through a comprehensive marketing plan, you can get countless likes, customer engagement and obtain high-quality links from others liking and sharing your business page’s content.

Facebook Maintenance

Here at Ziondia, we know full well that at times, maintaining your Facebook business page can be an arduous and time-consuming task, especially if you strive to adhere to strict levels of quality. Thankfully, our Facebook marketing packages come with maintenance options to ensure that your page is top-notch 24/7 and you reap maximum benefits from engaging with your customers and leads through Facebook.

We understand branding all too well and our in-house designers will ensure you branding is seamlessly integrated into your Facebook marketing plans, so your brand becomes more and more prominent as Facebook expands.

Why Facebook marketing?

Facebook is without a shade of doubt the most powerful social media platform, and utilizing it correctly can mean a tremendous leap in sales, traffic and ROI. This is the main reason why multinational corporations focus more on their Facebook pages than their own official pages, as they get more returns and traffic through Facebook with less investment in time and resources.

Whether you use Facebook as a review and feedback platform, as a sales outlet or as a hub to share information with your customers, Facebook marketing is the single best approach to realise your goals.

You can boost your popularity and dominate your market through Facebook by taking advantage of our experience and technical expertise. With Ziondia’s help in marketing and maintenance of your Facebook page, you can boost your marketing and PR division with a powerful new tool that will help you increase returns and traffic for your business.

Our Facebook Marketing Packages

Compare Facebook Marketing Packages
Brand Analysis i
Facebook Account Setup i
Creation of Pretty URL i
Facebook Business Page Creation / Optimization (with business logos & nice graphics) i
Plan Facebook Content Strategy i
Increasing your Fan Count i
Award-winning Facebook maintenance & Daily Engagementi
Posts per weeki
Shares per week i
”Likes’ of relevant pages i
Creating Communities i
Contests Creation & Management i
Polls / Surveys Creation & Management i
Quizzes Creation & Management i
Coupons / Promotions i
Uploaded photos / images i
Increasing Web Traffic from Facebook i
Geographic / Demographics Targeting i
Setting up of Content Scheduling tools like Hootsuite/Posterous/others i
Facebook Application Tabs i
Enable Auto Posting of Page Feed to Twitter i
Enable Auto Posting of your Blog Feed to your Facebook Page i
Facebook Advertising Campaign i
Competitor Analysis i
Client Area Login to keep a track of your orders i
Real-Time Monitoring i
Monthly Detailed Reports i
Email Support i
Strategy Consultations with your Project Manager i
Money Back Guarantee i
One Time Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
One 30 minute session
Two 30 minute sessions each
Three 30 minute sessions each

Want to know more about our Facebook Marketing services?

We can help you use Facebook Marketing to expand your business. If the above packages don’t suit your needs, contact us today for a custom quote. Request a non-obligatory quote to find out how we can help.

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