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Google Plus Marketing

Social Media Marketing with a G Spin

Take advantage of Google+ to boost your online marketing efforts. We can help you realise your marketing goals and here is what you get with any of our Google+ Marketing packages:

  • Constant updates
  • Multi-tiered visitor engagement
  • Numerous weekly posts and shares
  • Google SEO benefits
  • Vast +1s and shares potential

Google+ Marketing

Google+ is arguably the most influential social media platform of today. This presents unique opportunities to any businesses smart enough to take advantage of the vast potential of expansion through Google+’s social media network.

Google+ is connected with the world’s largest search engine on all levels, giving it incredible powers to reach out to new customers, expand a brand and make ambitious new business plans. Google+ allows you to promote your website, your products and your services with the use of +1s and shares, which act as actual votes for Google. Obtaining enough +1s and shares means that your website receives permanent benefits in Google searches and is also promoted organically through Google+’s powerful social media network.

Marketing on multiple social media platforms takes time, skill and patience. Expanding your Google+ influence may take a while and this is often a costly and time-consuming endeavour most businesses don’t have the recourses and expertise to undertake. Thankfully, we are here to help.

As a leading social media and online marketing agency, Ziondia offers a comprehensive range of bespoke packages for all your Google+ marketing needs. You can find the package that is right for your businesses depending on the level of services you require and your particular business goals.

Why Google+ Marketing?

If you are serious about online marketing, you just cannot ignore Google+ any longer. Google+ is second only to Facebook in terms of registered users and is also backed by the world’s most powerful search engine, Google itself.

Every +1 and every share through Google+ bestows permanent benefits to your online marketing efforts, benefits that can have long-lasting, positive effects to your online marketing efforts.

Google+ is considered a ‘’serious’’ social media platform (much like LinkedIn) and all trends show that Google+ will keep growing at impressive rates in the coming years. Thanks to Google’s integration with mobile devices, Google+ is growing to become the social media of choice for smartphone users, a reality that will have profound impact on every business’s efforts for online marketing in the future. As +1ed URLs are actually recommended by Google to visitors, more votes mean more visibility with the guarantees of Google’s authority.

Through Google+ your website becomes promoted on Google itself, as they are both interconnected. Google +1s count as votes on Google’s own search results so you gain multiple permanent SEO benefits from just one thing.

Our Google+ Marketing Packages

Compare Google+ Marketing Packages
Brand Analysis i
Google+ Account Setup i
Google+ Business Page Creation / Optimization (with business logos & nice graphics)i
Plan Google+ Content Strategyi
Comprehensive Google+ Maintenance & Daily Engagementi
Posts per week i
Shares per weeki
Thanks for +1s and sharesi
Polls / Surveys Creation & Management i
Uploaded photos / images i
Google Circle Adding i
Google +1′s i
Geographic / Demographics Targeting i
Increasing Web Traffic from Google+ i
Setting up of Content Scheduling tools like Hootsuite / others i
Enable Auto Posting of your Blog Feed to your Google+ Page i
Competitor Analysis i
Client Area Login to keep a track of your orders i
Real-Time Monitoring i
Monthly Detailed Reports i
Email Support i
Strategy Consultations with your Project Manager i
Money Back Guarantee i
One Time Setup Fee
Monthly Fee

Simple ‘thank you’
Simple ‘thank you’
One 30 minute session
‘Thank you’ + engage
Two 30 minute sessions each
‘Thank you’ + engage
Three 30 minute sessions each

Want us to help you dominate your market through Google+?

We can provide you with all viable Google+ Marketing approaches for your company and enable your business to thrive through Google’s own social media network. If the above packages don’t suit your needs, contact us today for a custom quote.

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