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Twitter Marketing

Integrate Twitter to your Marketing Efforts

Twitter marketing is lightning-fast and thunderously effective. Our Twitter marketing packages can get you on top and include:

  • Clever tweets
  • Relevant retweets
  • Twitter maintenance
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Seamless integration

Twitter Marketing (followers/engagement)

What can you achieve with 140 characters? With Twitter, The answer is: Online marketing domination

Twitter has taken the place of SMS culture and has exploded online into an unforeseen phenomenon of interconnectivity and instant communication of bite-sized messages, known as tweets.

Engaging content is shared in the form of tweets and retweets through Twitter and many businesses vie to get their name known through this powerful platform. The short size of the tweets coupled with the carefree nature of Twitter makes up for a powerful combination of marketing and brand recognition for any business capable and willing to take advantage of Twitter for their marketing needs.

Organically expanding your Twitter followership can be arduous and time-consuming, especially when you have no prior experience with growing twitter channels as part of a broader social media marketing strategy. This is the reason why experts such as Ziondia are often tasked with getting a business to the top of the Twitter marketing chain.

Let us help you Tweet your way to success!

Here at Ziondia, we employ two main techniques in growing your Twitter followership.

First, we convert every single marketing message you may be broadcasting and make it compatible with Twitters 140 character limit. Then we add people with interests in the niche your business operates. Subsequent followers will keep following the page as it will provide value, leading in an ever-growing followership and an ever-expanding number of retweets that come at zero cost.

Second, we promote your business Twitter account to the most prominent Twitter directories, giving your company maximum visibility and boost the prospect of more and more people following your tweets.

Thanks to our 2-way approach, our Twitter marketing and maintenance services ensure you grow your followership naturally and completely whitehat. Our formula for dominating Twitter has been proven time and again, and you can find your way to the top of your market with just a small investment in our comprehensive Twitter marketing services.

We proudly offer you our best packages as well as custom-made solutions to ensure all your marketing needs are perfectly covered.

Why Twitter marketing?

Good content is always shared with like-minded people. It is plain to all, that when you see something funny or spectacular, you share it with the person who will appreciate it the most. Twitter is just that – “LOLing with your peeps”!

Twitter is fast, light and care-free. This makes it the ideal tool of delivering content at the fastest possible speeds and at tremendous volume. Several tweets can fit in a Twitter widget and NO other social media platform can create viral hits as quickly as Twitter.

With Twitter marketing, you ensure your business is exposed quickly and efficiently to countless potential customers in an easy-to-understand and comprehensive fashion. You don’t have to worry about bulk of content or competition as Tweets can only be 140 characters long.

The brief length of tweets also ensures that all readers will read the whole message and won’t drop it halfway through, maximising the impact your posts, Tweets or retweets can have through your social media campaigns.

Our Twitter Marketing Packages

Compare Twitter Marketing Packages
Brand Analysis i
Twitter Account Setup i
Creation of Pretty URL i
Twitter Profile Creation / Optimizationi
Plan Twitter Content Strategy i
Customize Twitter Theme / Background (with business logos) i
Follow Relevant Peoplei
Comprehensive Twitter Maintenance & Daily Engagementi
Tweets per week i
Reply to tweets i
Retweets of relevant tweets i
Thank RTs and @mentions i
Involvement in Hashtag (Trending) i
Join in Conversations i
Total Monthly Twitter Followers i
Proactively Interact with Followers i
Geographic / Demographics Targeting i
Twitter List Management i
Twitter Direct Messages i
Increasing Web Traffic from Twitter i
Twitter Directories Submission i
Setting up of Content Scheduling tools like Hootsuite / Posterous / others i
Enable Auto Posting of your Blog Feed to your Twitter Page i
Third Party Twitter Apps i
Competitor Analysis i
Client Area Login to keep a track of your orders i
Real-Time Monitoring i
Monthly Detailed Reports i
Email Support i
Strategy Consultations with your Project Manager i
Money Back Guarantee i
One Time Setup Fee
Monthly Fee

Simple ‘thank you’
1 per day
1 per day
Simple ‘thank you’
2 per day
2 per day
One 30 minute session
‘Thank you’ + engage
3 per day
3 per day
Two 30 minute sessions each
‘Thank you’ + engage
Three 30 minute sessions each

Want us to help you dominate your market through Twitter?

Our social media experts can help you realise the best possible course of action through Twitter marketing. If the above packages don’t suit your needs, contact us today for a custom quote. Get a non-obligatory quote from us on how to best use Twitter for your business success.

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