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Throughout our years in business, we have worked very closely with small business owners and individual marketers and many of them have seen great results from our services. It’s our honor to provide web design and Internet marketing services and we are very thankful for the valuable feedback that we have received. If you would like to see what previous clients have said about our services, testimonials from our clients have been document below. We would love to have you featured on this page as well, simply contact us via page and we would love to feature your kind words among all others below.

If you are a previous client, we would love to feature your review here on the testimonials page. Please contact us so that we can feature your review among all the others.

Ziondia’s guest post services offer long term benefits to anyone who wants to gather good backlinks from reputable sources. Forget “link farms” forget “auto submissions” and forget black hat fiascos; this is the real deal of linkbuilding, honestly and completely white hat! Thanks for the incredible services so far, Ziondia!

Martina FernandezMartina Fernandez

There are few things as satisfying as seeing a guest post about your services being featured in one of the most famous blogs in your market. Ziondia has proven they can make this miracle happen and I am grateful for that!

If you struggle with your blog and cannot manage keeping up with competition then allowing Ziondia to help may be the best thing you can do for your blogging career!

Antonia ArmstrongAntonia ArmstrongSlipp & Nookah Inc.

Ziondia’s blogging support services are the real deal! These guys take care of everything imaginable about my blog; from planning out my content strategy, to offering me the most AMAZING blog posts (plus images) to taking care of all on-site aspects of my blog, Ziondia managed to turn my blogging from a chore to a successful and hassle-free experience that racks in money every month!

John A. MarconiJohn A. Marconi

Ziondia’s infographics creation skills are only matched by their infographics marketing + promotion services! Thanks to their cutting-edge promotional campaigns my infographics attracted more than 20k visitors in a matter of days, resulting in amazing spikes in our website’s sales and leads!

William HarkelWilliam Harkel

Our newsletter has quadrupled and our traffic has doubled since we started working with Ziondia for promoting our infographics. The only thing that’s better than that is that Ziondia also offers infographics of their own, complementing our in-house infographics to grab as many eyeballs as possible. Thanks a million,

Jacob LumtherJacob Lumther

Hey guys, thanks a lot for your incredible services that helped us promote our infographic for the company! I wouldn’t have believed the amount of traffic and the huge jump in popularity that resulted from your marketing services if I hadn’t seen it with my own (virtual) eyes. We have discussed it with the girls and agreed to commission more services from you in the near future; keep up the good work Ziondia! Kisses,

Without a doubt one of the most brutally efficient marketing methods I have ever seen throughout my online career. Ziondia infographics plus their promotional methods equals incredible results! I can speak from experience since this is actually the second time I work with Ziondia, so I am telling you that the amazing results weren’t just a fluke. Next time I am ordering the advanced package again so we can do some serious business and dominate my niche once and for all.

Bruce M.Bruce M.

Ziondia are true masters when it comes to marketing with infomercials. This is NOT an understatement and is easily verifiable from my own Google analytics (and without a doubt the analytics and stats of many other clients). These guys are incredible in what they do and the prices they charge are really low. Overall, Ziondia’s services seem to be out of this world when it comes to making a positive impact through infographics. Next time, let’s go for 2 more infographics (I’ll be ordering soon)

Ivan ZbezdovIvan ZbezdovThe Lighthouse

It's been great working with the Ziondia team in creating my infographics so far! They have been quick to respond to all my queries and provide tweaks and revisions as per their packages, creating everything on time. They’ve been always flexible and understanding, ensuring I love the final product (which I do). Our company flies thanks to Ziondia infographics and we are planning on commissioning more infographics to expand our online products.

Eliah ZiunEliah Ziun

I’m working with some of the most reputable businesses and clients in my field and I can always rely on Ziondia’s infographics to see me through any infographics requirements my clientele might have. Thanks!

From day 1 Ziondia has been amazing in helping us realize our infographics content strategy. Their creative and design teams are amazing and they offer some of the most comprehensive infographics services available today. Ziondia’s guarantees put our minds to ease and their great quality of service really leaved none of us unsatisfied. All in all 100% recommended from our team!

Horace StevensonHorace StevensonMarquish Inc.

Wow Ziondia you surpass my expectations with your amazing infographic creation services AND your marketing services. I am not sure there is any other company out there offering so many amazing features when it comes to infographics.

Matt StoffersMatt Stoffers

Working with Ziondia has been a real pleasure in creating our brand’s infographics. The graphics are amazing, the illustrations are vivid and the team’s creative juices are potent enough to create smashing infographics for us and our team! We’ve experienced incredible results in terms of ROI and traffic thanks to Ziondia infographics so it’s certain we are going to be ordering more for the coming months. Sincerely,

Martin Endreyn, Domain SpecialistMartin Endreyn, Domain Specialist

To: Ziondia We are extremely impressed with the progress of the All-In-One SEO package from your company. This is a statement we don’t make lightly but the recent developments to our analytic reporting sheets exceed all our expectations and can only be due to your services. We sincerely express our thanks to you and trust you will continue to deliver on the same level of excellence. Kind Regards,

ISMO GroupISMO Group

It’s been a month since I’ve contracted Ziondia and I just checked Google Analytics. WOW! I’ve got 350% increase in traffic and 220% increase in return visitors to my foodie blog. Thanks a lot Ziondia! P.S. I am cashing in on my one-on-one consultancy this week 


Hi, A quick note to tell you how mindblowingly satisfied I am with the advanced package. Thanks for persuading me to invest in you; my blog is now first in its category AND first in SERPS. Not sure how you pulled this one but hats off for professionalism and brutal SEO efficiency! Keep on amazing,

John CJohn C

This is definitely praiseworthy and Ziondia has done an amazing job with their Ziondia All-In-One Package. Both on-site and off-site services were excellent and the social media marketing promotion was just what I needed to open to a brand new market. Thanks a lot and remember that from next month I want another round of all-in-one for my e-commerce site. Until next time,


Hello, It is rare that I find a SEO service that covers the whole spectrum of what needs to be done to improve SERPs and ranking of any given webpage. I found one such service in your all-in-one package and I must say that it exceeded my expectations for seo benefits. I am writing this letter in part to thank you, and in part to inform how my rankings in Google went from 2nd page to 3rd place in 1st page, and we haven’t even finished yet! Thanks again, tomorrow I’m sending you more material.


I am genuinely impressed, both from the quality and the ROI I am experiencing thanks to your services. I was not aware that a SEO company could have such kind of an impact on my daily online business operations through their social media promotion efforts. I have to say again how grateful I am for your services and express my impression once more, thanking you for the unsurpassed level or quality in all your services so far. I encourage you to keep up the excellent performance,

Richard BRichard B

Hello again, This time I am not writing to request another package; I am just writing to express my sincere gratitude for what you and Ziondia has done for me so far. I am 100% satisfied with the outcome of the latest package and I sure as hell hope your quality stays the same for all our future business together. Extra praise is due to your monitoring and reports that left me literally with my jaw hanging  Thanks a lot friend, gotta talk again soon,


I must admit I was apprehensive at first when I went through your SMO package. However, a month later I gotta say I was wrong, so wrong! You saved me so much time thanks to your social media services and I could never have done all that maintenance and customization by myself. I just had to get this out of my chest so you know how satisfied I am with your services.

Nicholas IdarmoNicholas Idarmo

Thanks for the incredible support and social media insights. As you can see from my pages, the traffic has increased and I’ve got several brand-new social media pages thanks to you! I really appreciate your custom features that make my pages funny and engaging at the same time. See you next month!


Social media is a beast I couldn’t have tackled without your help and Ziondia’s top-notch SMO package. While not the cheapest in the market, your social media services were DEFINITELY the best I have ever come across and your ongoing support and maintenance means I don’t have to worry a bit for the future of my site’s social media pages.

K.Y. JacobsK.Y. Jacobs

One again you exceeded our expectations for delivering on-site boost for our online businesses. We are deeply grateful for your help in improving our visibility and for your one-on-one consultancy. Your staff was professional and your approach unmatched. Keep up the good work.

Anthony GAnthony G

Thanks a BILLION for the amazing linkbuilding help and SEO boost. I am sending you this email as a token of appreciation for your on-site services. I am very glad we’ve worked together and I will definitely work more with you in the future. Thanks again!

Mary MMary M

Thanks for helping fix some of the errors on our site that prevented some of our site’s pages from being indexed. Our business grows steadily and we’re already planning on trying some of your off-site packages! Thanks,


Ziondia are true professionals when it comes to SEO and I didn’t hesitate for a second about them All reports have been received on time and they were always reachable when I had any questions. They optimized our site and it improved our rankings for a couple of spots in a very competitive niche!


I would like to personally thank Ziondia team for helping fix our on-site problems. It’s a local business site, so we went with “Intermediate” package. Apparently our site had some duplicate content and meta tag issues we didn’t even know about. That and a couple of other things helped us increase our rankings and double our traffic! Thank you,


Just received my monthly report yesterday and I must say I am very impressed with the results so far. My keywords continue to climb slowly every day. My keyword #1 went from 57 to 9 spot Keyword #2 went from 35 to 6 Keyword #3 went from 27 to 3 Hopefully you guys will not become too busy with orders once the word spreads out. I’ll be definitely ordering more for other sites of mine.

Karl FKarl F

I just wanted to stop by and say how great my experience with Ziondia so far has been. I used their “Intermediate” package for my local business’s site and site went ranking from 3rd page to #2 for my keywords!


Thanks you for helping our site rank from second page of Google to #1st spot for an extremely competitive keyword (more than 30 million exact matches for our main keyword)! Our traffic and revenue quadrupled overnight thanks to you guys! Regards,


I used Ziondia’s SEO services for one site of mine. Even though the work is still in progress, I’m already starting to see great results. Here are some of my SERPs that got increased: Thanks,


Getting your site known to tons of outlets is hard but you helped me do it easily with your amazing directory submissions and linkbuilding prominence. I am very satisfied with your off-site services and I wonder how you managed to do some of these things! Our traffic increased and we’ve got some of the best backlinks EVER! I am confident my site is doing that much better thanks to your linkbuilding and support, thank you, I am grateful for your excellent services. Thanks,

Theo RTheo R

I just wanted to drop by and tell you how great my experience with Ziondia has been. I tried two packages (intermediate and advanced) for two of my websites and I already see amazing results! I am gonna hit number 1 in search results next month (or so) and my only concern is if my competitors discover Ziondia! Otherwise I am top dog with that kind of SEO!


Hello friends, We are speaking with facts and no hype when we say (we really do) that our keywords went from double digits to 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ranked in SERPs. We are now working long-term with Ziondia’s SEO on all our sites, doing both local and off-site SEO to improve our ranking locally and internationally. To put things into perspective: For our most busy website our 1st keyword went from 22 to 3 and our 2nd Keyword went from 12 to 1 (!) Thanks again ppl,

Nic and MaryNic and Mary

Syad here, I am very grateful for your services and I must say I am particularly impressed with Ziondia’s speed. I don’t really know how you did it but I’m sure it wasn’t a fluke that my local business has seen an increase in profit after doing the advanced package from you! Thanks again for everything; I will be ordering more from September (I plan on expanding!) Cheerios, P.S. (I don’t mind to use this email as one of your testimonials :P )


As I told you in my previous email, I am most impressed and I want to upgrade from intermediate to advanced for our next SEO order. We are currently seeing an increase in traffic around the area of 15% per month which is most desirable. Please pass my congratulations to your team of specialists and rest assured this long-term engagement was only made possible thanks to the unexpectedly good results from your SEO services. Sincerely,


Hi there, Ziondia’s SEO services helped my ecommerce website pick up traffic and within 2 months to go head-to-head with my competitors on page#1 of google! Even though it is still early, I am seeing amazing results! I particularly like the staff’s friendly approach and great professionalism. A+ from me folks! Thanks again,

Tony C.Tony C.

Thanks a MILLION for helping our site get to Google’s #1 page for some of the hardest keywords in the shoes market! (millions of exact matches) I expected to break the bank to get these results, but Ziondia SEO helped me get there with only a fraction of the cost I was afraid I had to pay. Now, best thing is that many of the updates and “fixes” are keep on working even after the SEO has been done, so this is a GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING! Regards,

Clinton M.Clinton M.

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